The Start Of My Dream


June 2013 I will start my dream of attending a game in every professional stadium that each MLB, NBA, and NFL team plays in.  If you ever had a dream, there is not better time to start on it than the present time.  I am about to start on an adventure that I have wanted to do for a long time.  After years and years of dreaming about doing it, the time have finally came to start on it and make my first steps.  The dream is to visit every professional Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and National Football League’s stadium, while a game is going on.

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There is a grand total of 90 stadiums, 88 in the USA and 2 in Canada.  That breaks down to  30 MLB stadiums, 29 NBA Stadiums, and 31 NFL stadiums.  There are a grand total of 92 teams, but 2 NBA teams play in the same stadium and the same goes for 2 NFL teams.

The stadiums are in 25 states, if you include Washington D.C.  There are also 2 stadiums in the country of Canada.  Chicago and New York lead the way with 4 stadiums that a professional team plays in.  The stadiums are mostly scattered in the East,  Midwest, and the West.

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Since I live in the state of Michigan and it is summer time here, I will attend a game in Detroit.  After Detroit, I will try to go to a game in Cincinnati or Pittsburgh next.   They are not too far from Michigan.  After that, I will probably try to attend a game or 2 in Chicago.

The best times for me to travel and see more than 1 stadium, will be in:  September, November, December, and April.  Those months are best because there will be more than one professional sport going on, so that will enhance my chances of attending more than 1 professional team’s stadium.

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My dream, of attending every professional sport team’s stadium, will be starting very soon.  This is one of my non-business goals.  It will take a while to finish this dream/goal.  I will not become rich with all this travelling, buying tickets, and other expenses, but if I continue working hard on my business I believe the money will come.


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Entrepreneurs do not fantasize about their goals, instead they find a way to create and execute a plan that will accomplish their goal.  An entrepreneur’s goal will turn into reality because of all the preparations and hard work they will put into accomplishing the goal.  There comes a time in a person’s life that they will have to start figuring out what is it that they want out of life and when they finally figure it out, their next step should be to write it down.  Figuring out what a person really want is usually the toughest thing.  As for myself, I had this dream/goal for a long time.  The goal I have set out to do is, to visit every stadium that 3 professional sport leagues (football/NFL, baseball/MLB, and basketball/NBA) play in.

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My goal is to attend a live, professional, sporting event inside every stadium of 3 major sports (NFL, MLB, & NBA) in North America.  NFL is for National Football League.  MLB is Major League Baseball.  NBA is for National Basketball Association.  These are 3 major sports in the USA and Canada.  I am a big fan of all of these sports.  Let me break it down on where these stadiums are.

There are a grand total of 90 stadiums to be visited.  88 stadiums are in United States cities and 2 are in Canada. Of  these 90 stadiums, 46 different cities in the US and 1 city in Canada, have open, professional stadiums.  Chicago and New York City (Chicago have 2 different MLB stadiums & New York City have 2 different MLB & NBA stadiums) leads the list with 4 open, professional stadiums in each city.  There are 9 other cities in the US with 3 open, professional stadiums.  This is how I plan on visiting them all.

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In order for an entrepreneur to execute a plan, he must first create the ‘Main’ plan and then create a ‘backup’ plan.  An entrepreneur have to always be prepared for anything, such as bad weather, traffic, construction, etc…  The plan will be to attend 3 to 5 stadiums per trip.   How will I do that.

The 3 major sports I want to attend stadiums of, they play one time of the years when another of the 3 major sport’s season is just beginning or about to end.  The MLB season starts when NBA season is about to end.  The NBA season starts during the middle of the NFL season.  The NFL season starts at the end of the MLB season.  When one sport is starting and another sport will be ending.  When that happens, it becomes the best time to set up a trip.  It is a better time when teams from the 2 different sports are playing in the same city, during the same week.  That is how I will plan these trips.  I will research each sport’s schedule to see what week a team, of one sport, is in the same town as a team of another sport is.   The final stage of planning is how to pay for these trips and how to work around a job.

First thing, I can not work a regular 9 to 5 job and have time to take all these type of trips.  Visiting all these stadiums will take close to 5 years because of schedules, weather, money, & the ability to get tickets to an event.  Schedules, weather, & tickets

availability is out of my hand, but money is something I can do something about.  That is where Empower Network comes in.

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Empower Network gives you the freedom to do all the travelling you want to, plus they give you a way to make as much money that is necessary to make a trip like this & more.   As an entrepreneur, this is what you want.  Remember, an entrepreneur wants:  to be his own boss, the freedom to accomplish a goal, and the ability to make as much money as possible.


It is time for you to start living your dream instead of fantasizng about it again and again.  You need to start driving your dream car, travelling to all those exotic places, & buying that white house with the picket fences.  Whatever your dreams are about, now is the time to do something about them and take a giant step forward today to accomplish them.   My longtime dream is to attend a live game in every stadium in 3 of the major sports in the USA & Canada.

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To attend a live sporting event in 3 of the profession sports’ (football, baseball, and basketball) stadium in the USA & Canada.  There are a grand total of 90 stadiums, played in by the professional sport teams.  There are 31 National Football League (NFL) stadiums, 29 National Basketball Association (NBA) stadiums, and 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums.  In each, the NFL & NBA, there are 2 teams that plays in the same stadium.  Attending just 1 game in the stadium would be enough for me.

The plan is to master-mind trips that would include 3-5 stadiums visited per trip, until all 90 stadiums have been visited.  First, buy a ticket to the game.  Second, once inside, to buy a program of the sporting event and a souvenir from the event (a pennant, postcard, etc..).  After the event, take a picture outside of the stadium while holding both the program and the souvenir.  

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If I attend 3-5 stadiums per trip, in a 5 year span, that would mean I would have to take around 23 to 30 trips and that would average out to 5 or 6 stadium-attending trips per year.  To break it down even more, I would attend games in 24 different states & in 2 countries.  I would be venturing into cities and states that I never been in before.  I would be seeing sights that I have only seen on television or in movies.   I get goosebumps just thinking about all the things I may see!  I will try to let everyone know, those who reads my blog, what it was like & how I felt, by posting pictures and making comments after every trip.

What are your dreams?  Where do you want to go or what do  you want to buy?  How will you get to live your dream?  When will you start taking the steps to accomplish your dreams & goals?  I sure hope you have a plan or dream.

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Russell Garland

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This is about my dream to attend every stadium played in by the 3 professional sports of MLB, NFL, & NBA.  MLB stands for Major League Baseball.  NFL stands for National Football League.  NBA stands for National Basketball Association.   There are a grand total of 90 sport stadiums combined from the 3 major sports (31 NFL stadiums, 29 NBA stadiums, and 30 MLB stadiums).   2 NBA teams play in the same stadium (Lakers/Clippers) & 2 NFL teams play in the same stadium (Giants/Jets).   I will focus today on the east coast MLB stadiums & planning a trip.


There are 7 MLB stadiums on the east coast.  The stadiums are located in Pittsburgh, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Washington D.C.; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; and 2 more are in New York, NY.  Philadelphia seem to be the city that is placed in the center of these ballparks, so that should be the city where I start from or end the adventures.   If I start my trip in Philadelphia, PA and go north, New York,NY is only 107 miles away & Boston, MA is 311 miles away.  Going south of Philadelphia, Baltimore, MD is 102 miles away & Washington D.C. is only 140 miles away.   Going west from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, PA is 305 miles away, even thou it is in the State as Philadephia.

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If I start from or end my trip in Philadelphia, I should be able to attend 3 or more games in a week-long trip because of the closeness in distance between all those east coast stadiums.  Between New York Yankees and New York Mets, one of them usually are playing at home, while the other is playing an away game.  The same goes for Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals.

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An east coast trip seem to the easiest to plan before knowing exactly which major sport team will be scheduled to be home around the same time as another major sport team is scheduled to be playing at home.   I am sure the cost of ballpark’s tickets, will determine too, if or when it is possible to take on this part of the adventure.  The weather, travelling thru traffic or the availability of tickets, will determine how long it will take for this dream to be accomplished.

Next time, I will talk about planning a travel to see MLB stadiums in the mid-west.


P.S.  Once I start my adventure, I will post pictures of me.  Some pictures with professional athletes, some standing in front of the ballpark/stadium.

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If you read my previous blog, it announced my goal to visit 3 major sports (National Football League/NFL, National Basketball Association/NBA, & Major League Baseball/MLB) stadiums.  The grand total of all the stadiums to visit is 90.  Today I will talk about the 7 MLB stadiums that are on the west coast, their location to/from the center stadium, and the chance to visit more 1 stadium per trip.  If I plan them right and if everything goes well, I should be able to visit 3 or 4 stadiums per trip.

During my research, I found the distance in miles,  of every stadium that I could possibly visit in 1 trip.  If everything falls in place, such as teams are playing at home during the same week and the weather is warm & sunny.   Both the weather & teams being on in the same week, will come in play when I plan the trip to the west coast to visit those MLB stadiums.   I think the location to start or end the trip, should be Los Angeles, CA (LA).

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Los Angeles (LA) seem to be placed in the middle of the west coast stadiums I want to visit.  That means I will have to start or end my trip at LA.  From LA the distance of all the stadiums west LA are:  to Oakland (Home of the Oakland Athletics) 365 miles; to San Francisco (Home of the San Francisco Giants) 381 miles; & Seattle (Home of the Seattle Mariners) 1187 miles.  Going east from LA, they are:  in Anaheim (Home of the Los Angeles Angels) 29 miles; San Diego (Home of the San Diego Padres) 121 miles; & Phoenix (Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks) 476 miles.  If I end the trip in LA, I will start from the farthest and work my way, while attending 1 or 2 other stadiums, in route to LA.

There are other stadiums west of my home ( I am in Michigan), but they are closer to stadiums that are in the mid-west, so I will attend those stadiums when I plan a trip closer to  me.  The west coast stadiums may have to be taken on 2 different trips because of the distances.  Taking 2 trips is not a bad thing because the weather out west have more sunny days than in the mid-west states, plus I like going the west coast.

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MLB’s west coast stadiums may be the toughest to attend because they spread so far apart from each other.   The mid-west stadiums and east coast stadiums are closer in distance to other stadiums.

The next blog will be on the MLB stadiums on the east coast.


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